Do you need assistance with completing the Proposal Form?

If you require assistance in answering the questions that are on the proposal form, you should contact the Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) on 13 28 46 or via the ODIS website. For an ODIS business adviser to view your draft proposal, you will need to give them access to your proposal. You can do this by opening your Hub Dashboard and ticking the “ODIS Access” box against the draft proposal.

The ODIS has expert business advisers available to provide defence-specific business advice to nurture competitive Australian industry and assist with market opportunities. The ODIS business advisers may also assess whether your company is ready to do business with Defence, and help mature your proposal to improve your business's potential for success. Businesses may apply for grants to implement recommendations arising from the ODIS advice, such as developing tailored training solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to submit a proposal via the Hub Dashboard?

To create a User Account and to submit an Innovation proposal, you must have the authority to provide acknowledgements and declarations for the business which will be the lead respondent, and on behalf of all of the project partners. 

An eligible business or organisation must have either an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

For more information on how to register for:

If you have met the criteria for an eligible business or organisation, you will be able to create a User Account to submit innovation proposals. I want to create a User Account.

Can I submit a proposal anonymously?

Anonymous submissions will not be accepted by the Department of Defence. The Department of Defence assures you that the information you submit will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and will only be used for the purposes of assessment and potential provision of support.

Will I receive a receipt or other acknowledgement advice when my proposal is submitted?

Yes, you will receive an email which acknowledges that your proposal has been received by the Hub. The email will provide you with the Proposal Reference Number allocated to your proposal. This reference number must be quoted whenever you contact the Hub or the ODIS seeking information about the proposal.

How would I know where my proposal submissions are up to?

Your User Account includes a Hub Dashboard, which lists all of the proposals that you have in draft or have otherwise submitted for assessment. This Dashboard is updated each time the status of your proposal changes. You will also receive email updates from the Department of Defence regarding the progress of your proposal and the result of any proposal assessment.

You can also call the Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) on 13 28 46 for an update on the status of your proposal. To answer your enquiry, you will need to tell the ODIS your Proposal Reference Number and the business name under which your proposal was submitted. Without these details, the ODIS will not be able to give you an update. The ODIS will not be able to provide you any further details of the progress of your proposal than what you can see on your Hub Dashboard.

I have put in my details to create an account but haven't received an email with an activation code?

The activation email will be sent from

If you have not received the email, we advise you to first check your junk or spam email folders. You may need to change your spam mail settings to accept emails sent from the domain

If you still have not received an activation code, please use our online enquiry form and we will send you a new code. 

How long is the activation code valid for and what do I do if the activation code is expired?

The activation code you will receive by email is valid for 5 days. If the activation code has expired, please use our online enquiry form to request a new activation code to be sent. The activation code will only be sent to the email address used to register the User Account.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the Forgot your password link and follow the prompts.

What browser should I use for submitting proposals?

The Hub Dashboard has been configured to support the latest versions of Microsoft Edge (replacing Internet Explorer), Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. All browsers must have cookies and Javascript ® enabled.

I am getting an error, "HTTP Error 503". What does this mean?

The error message “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.” means that the Innovation Hub Dashboard is temporarily unavailable.

I received an error message that referred to an anti-forgery token. What does this mean?

This message appears when you have been logged in without any activity for over an hour. You will need to sign in again to your User Account to continue submitting your proposal.

Can I amend my contact details?

Once you have signed into your User Account, select the down arrow beside your sign in name. This is located in the top right hand of your screen. Select the “profile” link to update your information.

How can I change the password to my User Account?

Once you have signed into your User Account, select the down arrow beside your sign in name. This located in the top right hand of your screen. Select the “profile” link and then the “Change Password” menu option to change your password.

How can I change the email address used for my User Account?

If you would like to change the email address you log in with, then please contact us via the Online enquiry form for help.

How many incorrect username or password attempts do I get?

Your account will be locked after five consecutive incorrect attempts within 24 hours. Once locked, access to your account will be blocked for 24 hours. 

To avoid being locked out of your account, if you are uncertain of your login details click on the Forgot your password link to reset your username/password before your fifth consecutive incorrect attempt.

How do my account get unlocked?

Submit an enquiry using our Online enquiry form requesting that your account be unlocked.

I forgot my login name

Submit an enquiry using our Online enquiry form

I am leaving the organisation, what are my next steps?

Before you leave, arrange for the new nominated contact to create a User Account. You should submit an Online enquiry form with the details of the new User Account. The Department of Defence will get in contact with you before linking the new contact to the existing records. When the new contact logs into their Hub Dashboard they will see the proposals you have in draft and all other submitted proposals.

Can I amend a proposal after it has been submitted?

Once your proposal has been submitted you cannot amend it; it will need to be withdrawn and a new proposal submitted.

I would like to withdraw a submitted proposal. How do I withdraw a proposal?

Use our Online enquiry form to request the withdrawal of your proposal. The request should include a reason for withdrawal. Make sure you include the Proposal Reference Number you were given when you submitted the proposal. We will notify the authorised contact person when we have actioned your request.

The person who submitted the application has gone on leave. How does the business know where the assessment of the proposal is up to?

Use our Online enquiry form to request an update on the progress of the assessment of the proposal. We will contact you to confirm that you are authorised to ask for this information on behalf of the business.

The information I provided is highly sensitive. How will the Department of Defence ensure that our data is kept secure?

The Department of Defence securely stores all the information that is submitted. Refer to the Terms of the Call for Submission for more information on who can access the information in your proposal.

Can anyone else see my submitted proposal?

No. Only users authorised by Defence will be able to see the details of your proposals. The Business Advisers within the Office of Defence Industry Support are also able to access certain details in order to perform their functions, including for their internal management purposes and to update you on progress of your proposal.

Online Enquiry Form

For any other enquiries about your Hub Dashboard, you can contact us using our Online enquiry form.